Historical Landmark

Discover the history behind the Hoover Dam. You will have the opportunity to view a movie of the dam’s construction. Then get a firsthand look at the inner workings of Hoover Dam by touring the exhibit halls, observation deck and Visitor’s Center. Sit down and enjoy a box lunch as you take in the breath taking views of Hoover Dam.

Visitor’s Center

Theater Level Displays: Murals, maps, photos and other displays provide an introduction to Hoover Dam history.

Theater One: “How the West was Won”: This presentation describes the contribution of the Bureau of Reclamation in taming the rivers and its contribution in helping settle the West and growing the food that feeds the nation.

The Power Plant Generators: Take the large elevators 500 feet down through the wall of Black Canyon, walk through a 250-foot long tunnel drilled out of rock, and view the 650-foot long Nevada wing of the power plant and its eight huge generators.

Penstock Viewing Platform: View one of the four huge 30-foot-diameter pipes that transport nearly 90,000 gallons of water each second from Lake Mead to the hydroelectric generators in the powerhouse. The Exhibit Gallery: Located on the plaza level of the Visitor’s Center, these exhibits highlight some of the natural history of the region and present a picture of how Hoover Dam was constructed and how it presently operates. It may be accessed by taking the stairs or elevator located in the center of the theater level.

The Overlook: May be accessed by taking the stairs or elevator adjacent to the Exhibit Gallery. There is a beautiful panoramic view from the observation deck that encompasses Lake Mead and the Colorado River. Camera enthusiasts will want to photograph the view. A guide will point out significant features of the dam and its surroundings. Inside the observation room is a sculpture presented by businesses in the Colorado River Lower Basin States whose customers cover the cost of operating the dam.

Street Views

“Winged Figures of the Republic”: This bronze masterpiece is directly across the street from the Visitor’s Center. A presentation at this site discusses the concepts the artist had mind in creating the statues, as well as the star map located at its base.

The Old Exhibit Building: Used as a headquarters for soldiers during World War II, this building is located around the corner from the winged figures.

The Nevada Intake Tower: From this location on the Nevada side of the dam, visitors will learn about the power of water in generating electricity and some of the artwork incorporated into the towers surrounding the power plant elevators.

Talks by guides are presented every 15 minutes from 9:30 AM to 5:45 PM. Restrooms are located on level 1 of the garage, on the Visitor Center’s theater level and near the Exhibit Gallery, adjacent to the Old Exhibit Building, and on top of the dam.

You will have astonishing views and photo opportunities as you walk across the newly built Pat Tillman-Mike O’Callaghan Memorial Bridge.

  • PLEASE NOTE-The generator room tour is contingent upon the Hoover Dam elevators working. The elevators are often under repair and this is beyond our control.
I heard of the Hoover Dam but never knew how magnificent it really was. The perfect tour, a half day left me time to combine it with a dinner and show. What a fun experience. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You! I will tell my friends.




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