Skywalk West Rim Experience

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Witness the beauty of the canyon’s vast regions as you travel to the Grand Canyon West Rim, home to the Hualapai Tribe and famous Skywalk.


Travel from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon West Rim where nature meets destiny. Witness the beauty of the Canyon’s vast regions and soak it all in on the beautiful terrains at your pace on our Vegas day trips. Your journey will begin the moment you step onto our tour bus and depart for an adventure of a lifetime. See the extraordinary scenery along the way as you travel through the Mojave Desert and view its beautiful Joshua tree forest from our luxury bus. The Grand Canyon West Rim is home to the Hualapai Tribe and famous Skywalk. Be surrounded by the Tribal Indian Reservation of the Hualapai who built settlements in the Canyon and caves. Discover the region’s geological history and Native American past. On the way back to Las Vegas you’ll stop at the Hoover Dam so grab your cameras for a photo opportunity of one of the greatest engineering marvels in the world. Leave with memories that will last forever. Travel, explore, and enjoy the voyage with Grand Vegas Tours! This Las Vegas tour package would be a great fit for you!

  • Up-close looks at the dramatic West Rim of the Grand Canyon
  • Photo stop at the Hoover Dam, an icon of great engineering
  • Chance to hike to the rim’s highest lookout at Guano Point

Skywalk West Rim Experience

If you have always wanted to see the Grand Canyon, you have the opportunity to do so when you book a stay in Vegas. Canyon Vegas Tours can take you to the Grand Canyon’s West Rim to see the famous Skywalk.

This see-through bridge and viewing platform, which is made of reinforced glass, allows visitors to see all the way down into the canyon depths. However, don’t worry about falling through, as the platform is strong, although transparent. It can withstand earthquake activity as high as 8.0 on the Richter scale, and is resistant to wind gusts that blow at a force of 100 miles coming from as many as eight different directions.

An Engineering Marvel

An engineering marvel that was funded by the Hualapai tribe, the Skywalk is designed in a horse-shoe shape and projects 70 feet from the canyon edge on the western rim. The bridge stands twice as high as the world’s tallest skyscraper and can hold 120 people, or a weight of 72 million pounds at once.

The side walls and floors of the Skywalk are made with glass, four inches thick. Moreover, one million pounds of steel have gone into making the bridge, with each two-inch sheet permitting easy control of the wind, the heat, and the cold.

Attached to the canyon rim with micro piles measuring as long as 46 feet inside bedrock, the frames that form the steel construction support 46 panes of glass. The panes are made of five layers of bonded and laminated glass weighing around 1,200 pounds each. The structure also features dampeners to reduce any vibrations.

Visit the Skywalk Cafe

This engineering wonder permits you to take a leisurely 80-yard walk along a semi-circular see-through path which juts out over the rim. The facility where the Skywalk stands also features a 6,000 square foot Visitor Center that displays three levels, including a movie theater, several restaurants, and a museum. If you want to enjoy a repast or lunch outside, be sure to visit the Skywalk Cafe.

At the West Rim, you will also get to see Eagle’s Point, a rock outcropping that resembles an eagle. It’s just one of the many wonders you will observe while you are visiting this part of the canyon.

Hiking and Zip Lining

This part of the Grand Canyon allows visitors to spend more time at this location, as it is closer to Las Vegas, or is only about a three-hour drive. Therefore, pick-up is around 7:00 AM in the morning from or near your Las Vegas hotel, and the return time is around 5:30 PM in the evening.

This makes this day trip more casual and relaxing. If you want to experience more adventure, you might try hiking to the highest point on the West Rim, or taking the Highpoint Hike to Guano Point for 360-degree canyon views. Zip lining is also another popular activity and option if you take a longer stay here.

Traveling by Bus

When you take a bus trip and day journey offered through Canyon Vegas Tours, you will be rewarded with cushioned and soft seating, and panoramic window views. Our friendly and knowledgeable tour guide will also share information along the way, as well as more details about your destination.

A Separate Grand Canyon Location

Contrary to what some people think, the West Rim of the Grand Canyon is not the same as traveling to the South Rim, which is part of Grand Canyon National Park. The West Rim is owned by the Hualapai Native American tribe, and therefore is separate from the U.S. National Park system.

Canyon Vegas Tours offers this bus travel option for anyone who might want to spend more time at the canyon or wants to experience the canyon in more remote surroundings. If you wish, you can also see this part of the desert by helicopter or airplane.

Traveling through the Mohave

While traveling to the West Rim, you will get to go through the famed Mohave Desert where you can see some unique desert scenery. For example, you can see an indigenous Joshua tree forest from our luxury bus, as well as mesas and natural rock sculptures colored in red, gold, and pink.

Besides picking you up and dropping you off at your hotel, Canyon Vegas Tours will also provide a morning snack, fresh deli boxed lunch, and plenty of water. You can schedule your trip just about any time, as our buses provide AC as well as heating on cooler days.

Arriving at the West Rim

A trip to Grand Canyon West and the Skywalk comprises about 130 miles. Once you arrive at the West Rim, you will visit the Welcome Center. The four main attractions of note include the Skywalk, Eagle Point, Guano Point, and Hualapai Ranch. You can take in the view from the Skywalk at Eagle Point, so you are already at Eagle Point when you visit the Skywalk.

Guano Point

When you visit Guano Point—a lookout that has been featured in old and current Hollywood movies—you will want to take photos. Not only is the scenery magnificent, you can also see the remains of a tram that once was part of a guano mine. The tram spans over 8,800 feet of the canyon. Visit the Guano Point Café as well to enjoy the food as well as incredible canyon views.

Getting an Adrenaline Rush

If you want to zip line or feel an adrenaline rush, take the zip line at Grand Canyon West. You can fly over the canyon as fast as 40 miles per hour for a distance of about 3,200 feet. If you want to experience the wind in your hair, this is the way to do it. A longer trip to the West Rim is necessary to have time for this excursion.

Pontoon Boating

For a future trip, you may want to think about taking a pontoon over the Colorado River. Taking this cruise over the stream requires planning as well as a stay of a couple days. We can help you make this happen at Canyon Vegas Tours. Just ask us for more information on arranging a pontoon boating experience.

Taking Part in the Fun at Hualapai Ranch

As noted, you may want to include a visit to Hualapai Ranch too. Take part in one of the ranch’s wagon journeys or participate in a shooting standoff at the site’s animatronic “Shootin’ Gallery.” In addition, you can enjoy the ranch’s entertainment features, which includes magic shows or western gun battles each day.

Leaving the West Rim

As you can see, you can get your fill of entertainment, sights, and attractions when you visit the West Rim. That is Canyon Vegas Tours’ commitment to you as well. After leaving the West Rim, we want you to feel really good about your West Rim visit.

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