Skywalk Triple Experience Bus-Heli-Boat

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Embark on an adventure to the Grand Canyon aboard a luxury coach, take a helicopter ride to the bottom of the canyon, and relax on a boat cruise down the Colorado River.


Skywalk Triple Experience- Bus-Heli-Boat Adventure

Do you want to see the Grand Canyon in three exciting ways? If so, you can make it happen for one affordable and inclusive price. Canyon Vegas Tours offers a trip where you can see the canyon by helicopter and boat after traveling to your journey in a well-equipped luxury bus. Amazingly, Canyon Vegas Tours can fit this adventure into a single day’s journey. All we need is a date from you and we can reserve your spot.

An Exciting Canyon Adventure

When you embark on this type of travel experience, you will not only add to the excitement of staying in Vegas, you will get to see the Grand Canyon like no one else. Grand Canyon West is also home to the Skywalk, a horseshoe-shaped, reinforced, glass bridge that projects over the canyon’s rim. Therefore, you can see Eagle Point overlook in a new and exciting way as well.

Viewing Eagle Point from the Skywalk Bridge

Eagle Point is so named, as it features a rock formation that resembles a flying eagle. When you stand on the see-through Skywalk, you will also see down into the canyon’s depths. However, don’t be afraid to step out onto the platform, as the glass is reinforced and will not shatter beneath your feet. Engineers have designed the bridge so it can hold excessive amounts of weight, withstand vibrations, and resist the force of the wind or even earthquake activity.

However, the Skywalk on this journey is not the only thing that will take your breath away. As noted, you will also be able to go up into a helicopter and see the canyon from high above. After seeing the canyon from up above, you will be taken 4,000 feet down to the canyon’s floor. That is where you will begin the next part of the journey. The last leg of the adventure is a 20-minute pontoon boat cruise on the Colorado River.

A Whirlwind of Fun and Exciting Activities

Needless to say, your day will be a whirlwind of fun and exciting activities. Helicopter rides over the canyon are only offered at Grand Canyon West, so this unique trip experience is only featured at this site.

Canyon Vegas Tours has also chosen Grand Canyon West for this journey, as this part of the canyon belongs to the Hualapai Tribe. Therefore, the area is more remote than if you travel to the South Rim, or Grand Canyon National Park. In turn, you will experience fewer distractions and crowds.

Enjoy More Time at Your Destination

In addition, when you travel by bus to Grand Canyon West, you are on the road for a shorter span of time. This makes it possible for you to spend more time at the canyon. While a trip to the West Rim covers 125 miles, a trip to Grand Canyon National Park and the South Rim is almost 300 miles. Therefore, you will have more time to experience your bus-heli-boat adventure at the West Rim.

Guano Point

Another attraction at the West Rim is Guano Point. Guano Point can be reached by trekking up Highpoint Hike. While this trail has a slightly rocky terrain, it is a terrain well worth navigating, as the view is stupendous. Guano Point is the highest elevation on the West Rim, and once was the site for a guano mining operation.

In fact, a tram stretches 8,800 feet across this part of the canyon, a relic of the former mining days. The site is also home to the Guano Point Café, which serves up delicious food and 360-degree views. In addition, Grand Canyon West features Hualapai Ranch, a family-fun venue that provides entertainment in the form of interactive animatronics, Wild West shootouts, and magic shows.

Another Thrill at Grand Canyon West- Zip Lining

If you want to experience an added adrenaline rush, you can zip line at Grand Canyon West if you are brave. The line, which is 500 feet up over the canyon, runs 3,200 feet across and reaches speeds of 40 to 50 miles per hour. Zip liners need to sign waivers and must weigh between 90 and 275 pounds to take part in the activity. Naturally, taking a helicopter ride and cruising in a boat might be all the adventure you need in one day.

Nevertheless, it is always good to keep this activity in mind should your revisit the canyon. Zip lining is discouraged during inclement weather, so it is best to find out more about the weather forecast if you plan to participate in the activity.

That also includes taking a helicopter or boating on the river. Your heli-boat tour will take about three hours. After your boat trip, you will be whisked away again by helicopter transport.

You then can enjoy the day as you wish after you ascend from the canyon floor. Again, zip lining may be stretching it a bit for time. However, if you want to experience the activity at a later date, Canyon Vegas Tours can accommodate your canyon day trip activities.

The Beginning of an Exciting Grand Canyon Adventure

Your three-in-one adventure begins in the early morning around 7:00 AM. That is when the Canyon Vegas Tours luxury bus will pick you up at or near your Vegas hotel. From there, you will proceed to Grand Canyon West. Once at the canyon, get ready for some once-in-a-lifetime experiences!

Lie Back and Enjoy the Scenery

Panoramic windows make it possible for travelers to enjoy the red rock and desert scenery from comfortable and adjustable seats. While you take in the view or lie back and relax, your friendly tour guide will offer commentary during the trip. You also have access to Wi-Fi, or can view one of our TVs if you like.

What to Wear

When planning your trip, make sure you dress accordingly. Dress in layers and make sure that you wear protective clothing. Even though it gets hot in the summer, you need to dress in lightweight shirts or blouses with long sleeves, and warm weather slacks or pants to protect your skin from the desert sun. Wear a sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 15, regardless of the time of year. Also, wear comfortable footwear. Make sure your shoes’ tread is designed to keep you from slipping or falling.

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If you want to arrange this exciting tour, you will need to book reservations now to ensure that you will be able to enjoy this unique day trip experience. Only Canyon Vegas Tours provides a full line of day trip services for Vegas vacationers. Contact us now to see how you can fit this fun-filled Grand Canyon adventure into your Vegas travel plans.

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