Skywalk Canyon Boat Experience

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Fly from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon! Ascend past the historic Hoover Dam and glittering Lake Mead before descending 4,000 feet into the Grand Canyon. Embark on a scenic riverboat ride along the Colorado River.


Skywalk Canyon Boat Experience

Three of the great ways to travel in Las Vegas and the surrounding area is by stretch limo, helicopter, and boat. And you can go by all three modes of transport on a Canyon Vegas Tours Skywalk Canyon Boat trip.

Pick-up from Your Vegas Hotel in a Stretch Limo

This incomparable day trip features hotel pick-up from or near your Vegas hotel in a stretch limousine. While this limo transport is shared, you can also opt for a private limo at a nominal fee.

An Ideal Adventure

Once you leave your pick-up point, you will be chauffeur-driven to a comfortable in-flight lounge where you will catch a plane for an exciting adventure to Grand Canyon West. Grand Canyon West is home to the Hualapai Indian Tribe, and is a mere 125 miles from Las Vegas. So, this is an ideal adventure to take if you are vacationing near the canyon.

See the Amazing Skywalk!

Once you reach the canyon, you will participate in a number of exciting activities. Grand Canyon West features the amazing see-through Skywalk – a reinforced cantilever bridge that projects over the canyon floor. The glass construction allows visitors to see hundreds of feet down into the canyon. The bridge is also located at Eagle Point, named that because it features a natural rock formation that resembles an eagle.

A Sturdy Platform

If you are worried about the sturdiness of the Skywalk, have no fear. This engineering marvel is built to endure 100 mile-per-hour winds coming from several directions and seismic activity registering 8.0 on the Richter scale. While only 120 people are allowed on the bridge at a time, it can hold up to 800 200-pound people. Therefore, you can quell any fears about walking on the platform.

One important thing you need to know about visiting the Skywalk - If you plan to see the canyon from this venue, you will need to lock away your cell phone and/or camera at the site. Photographers are available to take pictures. You cannot take pictures with your personal cell phone or camera. You need to lock these items away before venturing onto the platform.

Traveling Down the River

During your helicopter flight to Grand Canyon West, you will fly over the historic Hoover Dam and the surrounding reservoir of Lake Mead. Once you reach the canyon, you will descend 4,000 feet to the canyon’s floor. Next, you will take a scenic river boat ride down the mighty Colorado River! The Colorado River is the body of water that sculpted the Grand Canyon over time. Not only is this trip great for natural history buffs, it also adds to the splendor of a Vegas vacation.

In-flight Narration

During your flight, your friendly and knowledgeable pilot will point out some of the sights and enlighten you with commentary about specific landmarks. We provide narration in English as well as several languages. Just tell us about your needs along these lines.

The Hoover Dam

When flying over the Hoover Dam, you will learn more from you pilot about the dam’s history and construction. The dam rises 726 feet tall and spans 1,244 feet across the desert terrain. Approximately 3,250,000 cubic yards of concrete were used in building the structure. That amount equals the concrete needed to build a two-lane highway going from San Francisco to New York!

Lake Mead Reservoir and National Recreation Area

You will also learn more about the dam’s reservoir, Lake Mead. This shimmering blue lake is the largest reservoir the U.S., stretching 112 miles when it is filled to capacity. The lake features around 760 miles of beach and descends as far as 532 feet. Many desert plants and animals inhabit this area.

The Lake Mead National Recreation Area is home to mule deer, bighorn sheep, and endangered species, such as the peregrine falcon and desert tortoise. Plant life is surprisingly abundant.

This area is the meeting point for arid terrains, such as the Sonoran Desert, Great Basin, and the Mojave Desert. While the landscape seems barren and dry, it still bustles with activity.

Schedule a Future Day Trip

You may want to spend time visiting the area on foot on a separate trip offered by Canyon Vegas Tours. Whether you see the canyon from the air or the desert and canyon on foot, you will be rewarded with a unique travel experience.

Some Stats about the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon itself runs along the Colorado River for 277 miles and is 18 miles at its broadest point. Its depth can reach up to a mile. That is why the addition of a boat ride on the Colorado is a must-do excursion on any trip to Grand Canyon West.

Interesting Stops

Besides seeing Eagle Point from the Skywalk bridge during the trip, you can also see Guano Point. This is the highest point on the canyon’s West Rim. Another fun attraction is Hualapai Ranch which is an entertainment venue that features engaging animatronics, Wild West shootouts, and magic shows. Guano Point used to be the site of a large guano mining operation. A tram at the site still remains that spans 8,800 feet over the elevation.

Back to Las Vegas

After your adventure at Grand Canyon West, we will fly you back to the Las Vegas strip. Once you land, you will be taken back to your hotel pick-up point by stretch limousine. Seeing Las Vegas and the Grand Canyon by air is one experience you will never forget.

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