Las Vegas 7-7-7 Experience

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Combine seven absolutely unique experiences in one day. See the Grand Canyon West Rim, enjoy helicopter flights, a boat trip and more!


The Las Vegas 777 Experience

The Las Vegas 777 Experience is unique, as it is only offered by Canyon Vegas Tours. This exciting day trip permits you to fit in 7 adventures into a one-day package. Canyon Vegas Tours can make this dream trip happen, as we provide the best in bus and helicopter transport.

Major Highlights of the 777 Trip

Below are the 7 Highlights of the Las Vegas 777 Experience:

  1. Travel from Las Vegas through the Mojave Desert landscape to the Grand Canyon.
  2. See the Grand Canyon’s West Rim and its sites and attractions.
  3. Enjoy the surrounding landscape and see down inside the canyon from the heavy-duty Skywalk glass bridge.
  4. Take a helicopter ride, 4,000 feet down to the floor of the canyon.
  5. Experience a boat ride down the mighty Colorado River.
  6. Enjoy fine dining and your choice of a top show in Las Vegas.
  7. Finally, take a helicopter ride via a luxury EC-130 helicopter to see the Vegas lights at night.

First Experience- Travel Through The Mojave Desert

Your day will start early. To begin the adventure, you will be picked up near or at your hotel and whisked away on your day trip adventure. On the way out of Las Vegas, your dedicated tour guide will share facts and history about the local area. Drive past Lake Mead and over the Hoover Dam Bypass Bridge.

Along the route from Vegas to West Rim you will be able to enjoy the serene desert landscape. Most notably you will witness roadside Joshua trees, a famous feature of this desert area. These trees have much history and mystique attached to them that your guide will happily share with you.

Watch Grazing Big Horn Sheep and Visit a Joshua Tree Forest

Our next stop will be in a natural area, where Big Horn Sheep often graze. The trip also includes a visit at the Joshua Tree Forest and a closer view of the unique Joshua tree. The tree was given its name by Mormon settlers, who thought the tree’s form resembled the biblical account of Joshua raising his arms in prayer.

What is unique about the Joshua tree is the fact it does not feature tree rings. Tree rings reveal the age of a tree. As a result, scientists estimate that many of the Joshua trees to be thousands of years old – some even older than what is currently believed.

Arriving at Grand Canyon West

Your helicopter ride will take you down to the canyon’s floor, where you will take a 20-minute boat ride down the Colorado River. Not only can you see the canyon from the air, you can also see it up-close at ground level. Once your boat ride is through, your helicopter will take you back to the West Rim, where you can spend time viewing some of the major attractions.

The Skywalk Bridge

One of the main highlights of Grand Canyon West is the Skywalk bridge at Eagle Point. Don’t worry about the glass breaking, as it has been made to withstand hurricane winds and high levels of seismic activity. Eagle Point is a well-known viewpoint at the Skywalk, as the rock formation at the site resembles an eagle spreading its wings.

You can lunch at the Skywalk’s café or visit Guano Point, the highest elevation at the West Rim. Trek up Highpoint Hike to witness amazing rock formations and a panoramic vista. Guano Point is also home to the Guano Point Café, which serves 360-degree views alongside a menu of delicious cuisine. Guano Point is so named as it once was the site of a large guano mining operation. In fact, a long tram that once was used to mine guano fertilizer still remains.

Hualapai Ranch

Grand Canyon West is also the home of Hualapai Ranch. Stroll the boardwalk at the site and enjoy cowboy entertainment. Families can enjoy Native American traditional performances, Wild West gun battles, and magic shows at the popular site. Because Grand Canyon West is fairly close to the Las Vegas Strip (about 125 miles), you will have about three hours to view all the major attractions.

How to Dress for Your Canyon Tour

Because the rocks of the canyon absorb the sun’s heat, you need to dress properly to keep from getting sun burned. Even in the warmest weather, it is best to wear long sleeves and slacks or pants. Never wear uncomfortable shoes, and make sure your footwear is close-toed. Your shoes should have a tread on the back that keeps your footing safe and secure.

You also should pull your hair back and refrain from wearing loose jewelry on your day trip. Wear a protective sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 15. Because you will experience various elevations and environments, you will need to dress in light layers.

Have Dinner and Catch a Show

After your West Rim adventure, Canyon Vegas Tours will take you back to Las Vegas. However, your full day of activities is not over yet. You are now ready to enjoy dinner and a show. Most shows feature multi-act performances, including acrobatics, singing, and dancing. Vegas shows are world renowned for their amazing performances. Therefore, you cannot miss experiencing one while in town.

You can find shows with no age requirements that are as entertaining as they are family friendly. Dinner is normally served from 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm while variety shows normally take place between 7:00 pm and 8:30 pm. Therefore, after you return from Grand Canyon West, you have plenty of time to extend your day’s dining and entertainment.

Flying Over the Vegas Lights

Don’t forget that the Canyon Vegas Tours package, or Las Vegas 777 Experience, includes a helicopter ride over the city lights. Your trip, at night, includes seeing sights, such as Caesars Palace, the Stratosphere Tower, and the skyline of Vegas’s version of New York, New York. You can also view the amazing Luxor Pyramid. Your experience helicopter pilot will point out all the best sites around the city.

Plan and Book your Las Vegas 777 Experience Now!

The helicopter city lights experience includes a glass of the bubbly before your helicopter journey begins. Everything will be done to accommodate your preferences. Contact Canyon Vegas Tours today about this amazing tour package, along with our other affordable Vegas and Grand Canyon trips and adventures.

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