Grand Canyon Air Only Experience

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Enjoy a guided tour directly from your hotel, visiting the Hoover Dam, the Colorado River, and Lake Mead, followed by an exciting helicopter ride through the Grand Canyon.


Grand Canyon Air Only Experience

Have you always wanted to see the Grand Canyon but are limited by time? Now, you can add this adventure to your Las Vegas vacation! Canyon Vegas Tours offers an air only Grand Canyon experience by helicopter that is a fun, one-of-a-kind adventure at an affordable price!

Get Ready to Take Pictures!

You will begin your day trip with a shuttle pick-up at your Las Vegas accommodation. From there, you will be driven through the beautiful Mojave Desert towards the West Rim. Your friendly tour guide will point out all the best scenic points and interesting places along the way.

The Helicopter Ride

After your journey to the West Rim, get ready for your helicopter ride. Your helicopter will depart from the Outdoors Adventures base at the Arizona Last Stop, close to Grand Canyon West.

The Arizona Last Stop is often called the Gateway to the Grand Canyon. This stop for road travelers features a restaurant and full bar, thereby making it the ideal place for visitors to eat and recharge. The restaurant, which is known for its World-Famous Cheeseburger, is located next to a gift shop – the perfect place for picking up souvenirs of your Grand Canyon air adventure and trip.

From here, you will embark on your helicopter journey, which spans 20 miles over the Mojave Desert and the Grand Canyon’s West Rim. Next, you will descend 3,200 into the canyon, where you will toast your arrival with champagne before returning to the Outdoor Adventures base and helipad.

A Recap of the Tour Highlights

To give you a brief recap of Canyon Vegas Tours’ Grand Canyon Air Trip, here are the tour highlights:

  • First, you will be picked up by complimentary shuttle from your Las Vegas hotel.
  • Next, you will experience a guided tour of the scenic Mojave Desert.
  • Your next stop is at the Outdoor Adventures base, which is located at the Arizona Last Stop.
  • From here, you will ascend by helicopter, enjoying panoramic aerial views of the Grand Canyon and the Mojave Desert.
  • A descent into the Grand Canyon at 3,200 feet will enable you to see up-close the beauty and grandeur of the Grand Canyon.
  • Your arrival will be toasted with a glass of champagne.
  • Next, you will return to the Outdoor Adventures base and the Arizona Last Stop for lunch at the iconic travel store’s restaurant.
  • After you have a bite to eat, you will be returned by shuttle to your Las Vegas hotel.

This trip is highly popular, as it is quite affordable for this type of adventure. Therefore, you do not want to leave it off of your Vegas travel itinerary. Not only will you receive VIP treatment, you can experience the Grand Canyon in a unique and fun way. This family-fun adventure is recommended for families, as well as singles and couples who want to see the Grand Canyon in a new and exciting way.

Some Air Trip Recommendations

Before embarking on your helicopter trip, we recommend that you wear the appropriate clothing and prepare for your adventure. It is best to wear long sleeves and pants or slacks to protect you from the sun and the outside elements. Apply a sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 15, as the canyon walls absorb a good deal of heat from the powerful desert Sun.

Make sure your footwear is comfortable and that you wear shoes that are close-toed. Don’t wear flip flops or sandals, as you will be walking over rocky and sometimes precipitous terrain.

It is also a good idea to refrain from wearing loose jewelry. Tie your hair back if it is long, and follow the safety instructions provided by the pilot. We want to do everything we can to make your journey both safe and pleasant. Canyon Vegas Tours believes in placing the customer first!

Is This Your First Time Traveling by Helicopter?

If you have never traveled by helicopter before and are worried about safety, don’t be. Air travel is far safer than traveling by car. Therefore, you don’t have to get stressed out about this type of journey. The pilot is knowledgeable and is used to making these types of flights, so you can sit back and simply enjoy the sights.

If you do feel a bit apprehensive, take a few deep breaths before flying. Doing so will calm you and will help you focus on remaining relaxed. Once you have ascended and get used to the flight, you will find that you will want to repeat this adventure again. This five-star rated trip is regularly taken by people who have not flown on a helicopter before as well as by those who have taken this type of trip numerous times.

Each trip you take by helicopter is a new adventure, as seeing the Grand Canyon by air never gets boring or dull. You can take this trip time after time and never tire of the experience.

About Grand Canyon West

Grand Canyon West is part of the Hualapai Indian Reservation, and is located 125 miles from Las Vegas. Canyon Vegas Tours chooses this part of the Grand Canyon for its air trips, as it is much closer to Vegas. It is also less commercialized than the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, which is located in Grand Canyon National Park.

Grand Canyon West Attractions

Some of the attractions of Grand Canyon West include:

  • The reinforced and heavy-duty glass see-through Skywalk Bridge. This platform allows visitors to see into the depths of the canyon.
  • Eagle Point- a viewpoint that features a rock formation that resembles an eagle.
  • Guano Point- the highest elevation at Grand Canyon West and the former site of a guano mining operation.
  • Hualapai Ranch- a fun attraction that regularly features cowboy entertainment and magic shows.
  • Zip-lining- for those who love an adrenaline rush and want to see the canyon at the same time.

If you would like to see the attractions at Grand Canyon West, Canyon Vegas Tours also schedules luxury bus trips to the West Rim of the Grand Canyon. Simply talk to one of our knowledgeable travel advisors or book a separate bus trip online. We can always accommodate your travel itinerary.

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