6-1 SUV Explorer Experience

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This exclusive tour will take you to six memorable and exciting locations in a luxury SUV, including a helicopter visit to the floor of the Grand Canyon and boat cruise.


6-1 SUV Explorer Experience

During your vacation to Las Vegas, you will want to take one day to experience the Grand Canyon. Add to the excitement of your trip by traveling in a luxury SUV and including a helicopter ride and boat ride in the experience. Canyon Vegas Tours offers an affordable and exciting adventure to the West Rim of the canyon and the surrounding area.

A Nine-hour Adventure You Soon Won’t Forget

Let’s pretend that you have been given 9 hours to spend outside of Las Vegas on your Vegas vacation. How are you going to spend them? Why not give Canyon Vegas Tours a call and arrange the ultimate outdoor adventure? Our 6-1 SUV Explorer Experience is something you will want to eagerly share with friends and family.

Get Ready for a Fun-Packed Day of Exploration and Adventure

Our adventure begins early in the morning with a complimentary pickup near or at your Vegas hotel. We will also drop you off later in the evening after you have had a full day of sightseeing and excitement. This is the ideal trip to add to a Vegas vacation. Nothing is done in moderation in this part of the country, including the day trip adventures featured by Canyon Vegas Tours.

What Your 6-1 SUV Adventure Will Include

The 6-1 SUV Explorer Experience offered by Canyon Vegas Tours features the following activities:

  • A helicopter landing on the floor of the canyon’s West Rim. You will fly 4,000 feet down into the canyon.
  • A leisurely 20-minute cruise by pontoon boat down the beautiful Colorado River.
  • A stop in Boulder City, the city that was built for the workers who constructed the Hoover Dam.
  • A journey over the Hoover Dam’s Bypass Bridge
  • A trip through an unforgettable 900-year-old forest of Joshua trees.
  • A drive through Diamond Bar Wash followed by a dramatic view of the towering Grand Wash Cliffs.
  • A complimentary lunch served at the Grand Canyon’s West Rim.

Eagle Point and the Skywalk

This tour will keep you fully entertained, as you will see the canyon in one of many exciting ways. You can also check out the Skywalk at the West Rim. This large, see-through, cantilever bridge was designed for viewing Eagle Point and seeing deep down into the canyon. Eagle Point is unique, as the viewpoint features a rock outcropping that resembles an eagle spreading its wings.

More about the Skywalk Bridge

If you are nervous about venturing out onto the projecting Skywalk bridge, you can relax. The platform is so strong that it can hold as many as 800 200-pound people at once. Only 120 people are allowed on the bridge at one time, so consider yourself safe. The bridge is also resistant to heavy wind gusts. In fact, the platform has been designed to withstand 100 mile-per-hour winds coming from eight different directions. It can also withstand seismic activity registering as high as 8.0 on the Richter scale.

Hualapai Entertainment

The area of Grand Canyon West is part of the Hualapai Indian Reservation. Therefore, you will get to see and enjoy Native American entertainment and attractions as well. For example, you might want to stop at Hualapai Ranch, if you have time, to see a magic show or a Wild West shootout. You can also take a hike up Highpoint Hike to Guano Point, the highest point in this part of the canyon.

Guano Point on the West Rim

Guano Point features an abandoned tram system that once hauled guano fertilizer from the area’s mine. The tram stretches about 8,800 feet across the expanse of the canyon. We can arrange your day trip so you can experience all the best that Grand Canyon West offers.

The exclusive tour that Canyon Vegas Tour provides through its 6-1 Explorer Experience package will take you to six unforgettable places in a luxury SUV.

Learning More about the Joshua Tree

One of the major highlights of the SUV trip is seeing an ancient Joshua forest, as you drive through the Mohave Desert. The slow-growing tree can be seen through much of the area’s ecosystem, thereby making it a unique and popular desert plant.

The tree, which was named by Mormon settlers in the mid-19th century, is noted for its graceful and unique shape. The tree reminded the Mormons of the Biblical account of Joshua, who reached his hands up to the sky to pray.

To see the forest in bloom, you may want to arrange your Vegas vacation between February and April. During this time, the Joshua tree blossoms. It is then pollinated by the indigenous yucca moth, which spreads pollen from one tree to the next.

It is difficult to tell the ages of these desert trees, as, unlike other trees, they do not display growth rings. In addition, when it is exceptionally dry, the trees often cease to grow. As a result, scientists estimate that many of the trees are centuries old while some are even older.

What You Should Wear

Because you will be traveling in the desert and experiencing many variations in climate, you should dress in layers. Doing so will keep you cool or warm, as needed. You should always keep your skin protected, as you can easily get burned from the sun’s scorching rays.

Wear a sunscreen with at least a sun protection factor (SPF) of 15. Also, even when it is warm, you should wear a shirt or blouse with long sleeves and pants or slacks. Wear comfortable shoes that grip the ground well, as you will be trekking over some rocky terrain.

Book A Tour In Advance

When you book a day trip, like the 6-1 SUV Explorer Experience, make sure you do so well in advance of your Vegas travel date. That way, we can more easily accommodate all your wishes and travel plans. Many people choose to go during the fall or spring, as the weather is more temperate and the canyon is not as crowded.

However, if you choose to travel in the summer, you will enjoy the breeze while cruising the Colorado River. You will experience fewer crowds during the winter, which is the slowest time of the year for travel. If you don’t mind bundling up a bit, this is a good time to go if you want to experience a more low-key adventure.

Contact Canyon Vegas Tours about scheduling your 6-1 SUV Explorer Experience today. For the price, this journey is an excellent day trip option. Not only will you experience a diversity of activities, you can do so without breaking the bank. Canyon Vegas Tours makes it possible for you to spend what you save on this journey on Vegas entertainment and activities.

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