About Us

About Us

Family owned and operated, Canyon Vegas Tours understands that family travel and creating tour experiences can be both affordable and memorable. Families, couples, friends, and everyone in between love our trips, as they are safe, convenient, and reasonably priced.

Why We Are Different

Our commitment to our customers is what makes us different. We want your travel experience, through Canyon Vegas Tours, to be memorable and unique. We provide pick-up and drop-off at or near your Vegas hotel while our knowledgeable travel guides support all your travel needs. Not only do our guides share facts and insights about tour attractions, they make guests feel comfortable and welcome. Whether you participate in a walking tour, or choose to go it alone, you can always rely on our guides to make your trip fun and interesting.

Traveling to the Canyon by Bus

If you choose to travel by bus, your tour experience includes panoramic window views, free Wi-Fi, onboard TVs, tour guide commentary, rest stops, and a break for lunch. You can also take plenty of awesome pictures that you can share with friends and family on Facebook and Instagram!

We not only offer day visits to the West Rim and South Rim of the Grand Canyon, we also offer combo tours and helicopter experiences. Therefore, Canyon Vegas Tours can customize a trip that meets your exact travel needs from the Vegas Strip.

Add One of Our Day Trips on Your Vegas Itinerary

That is why many people use our tour service. By vacationing in Vegas, they also have the chance to see some magnificent scenery. Therefore, it just makes sense to include one of our tours during your Vegas stay. The following information will give you some highlights of our affordable tour packages.

Visiting the Grand Canyon South Rim

Many of our customers like to book travel to the Grand Canyon’s South Rim. This part of the canyon sits in Grand Canyon National Park and features a number of exciting sights and attractions. Because this area is more commercialized, you can either hike or take a shuttle. Just about everyone finds this tour experience to their liking. Whether you are young or old, in great physical condition, or need to take it easy, you will like visiting this part of the canyon. It has something for every visitor to enjoy.

Grand Canyon Village

The South Rim of the Canyon is home to Grand Canyon Village, the usual place to go for many first-time visitors. This part of Grand Canyon National Park features popular viewpoints, such as Mather Point, located close to the Visitor’s Center, and Yavapai Point, situated to the east. Grand Canyon Village includes several hotels, artist studios, and historic sites, all built at the turn of the 20th century. Hikers especially like to trek over Bright Angel Trail or take the South Rim Trail to see the sights.

The Canyon’s West Rim

Grand Canyon West is located on the Hualapai Indian Reservation, and therefore is not part of Grand Canyon National Park. However, like the South Rim, it features a number of unforgettable sights and attractions.

The Skywalk Bridge

One of the main attractions at Grand Canyon West is the durable and magnificent Skywalk Bridge. This bridge made of reinforced glass can withstand high levels of seismic activity and even hurricane force winds. You don’t have to worry about the glass breaking, as it is designed to withstand excess amounts of weight and these daunting forces of nature. By walking on the glass Skywalk, you can see deep into the canyon depths as well as view the surrounding scenery.

Makers of the projecting platform state that the cantilever see-through bridge can hold as many as 800 200-pound people. However, don’t worry, because no more than 120 people can visit the bridge at one time. The Skywalk is located at Eagle Point, so named because one of the outcroppings looks just like an eagle.

Taking the Journey by Bus

If you choose to see the canyon by bus, each trip begins in the early morning and ends in the evening. The distance to Grand Canyon West is approximately 125 miles from Las Vegas while guests travel about 275 miles to visit the South Rim. Therefore, you will spend more time at the canyon if you visit the West Rim and return earlier to Las Vegas.

How about a Helicopter Ride Over the Canyon or Las Vegas Strip?

You can also opt to choose from one of various helicopter experiences with Canyon Vegas Tours. Just call one of our expert customer service reps about the details. Some of the tours include a boat ride down the Colorado River while others feature helicopter rides at night over the Las Vegas Strip.

Other Tour Destinations

You can also choose to see the Hoover Dam on a separate tour experience. Located just a one hour drive from the Las Vegas Strip, the Hoover Dam is an easy addition to any vacation plan. Our half day tour makes it simple to see the best the Hoover Dam has to offer, then return to Las Vegas that afternoon.

An Added Tour Bonus- Grand Canyon Caverns

A new feature to all our Grand Canyon tours is a stop at the Grand Canyon Caverns. Both West and South Rim tours include a visit to the historic caverns. Therefore, you can find just the trip that will fit with your likes and preferences.

Making Your Trip Safer and More Comfortable

When visiting the canyon or taking one of our tours, we suggest that our valued guests wear protective clothing and apparel. Because you will be traveling in the desert Southwest, you should dress to protect yourself from harmful UV exposure. Wear a sunscreen with a sun protection factor, or SPF, of at least 15. Also, it is best to wear long sleeves or pants and slacks, even in the summer, to protect yourself from sunburn.

In addition, wear comfortable footwear with a good tread, as you will be walking over some rocky terrain. Never wear open-toed shoes, such as flip-flops and sandals. If you take a helicopter tour, make sure you pull your hair back if it is long, and refrain from wearing loose jewelry.

Plan Ahead for Your Adventure

So, what do you want to do on your Canyon Vegas Tours trip? Give us a call today or contact us online to plan your day outing or customized escape. At Canyon Vegas Tours, we want to provide you with a trip experience that is as safe as it is exciting and affordable.

We suggest that you plan your trip far ahead of time to ensure that you won’t be disappointed. By planning in advance, you can make your Vegas trip a dream-come-true vacation! Why not contact us now to schedule your dream holiday?